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I too have been fighting "things" lately too.

You really have a way of putting into words the things I am feeling.

Thank you.

The feelings you describe are so painfully familiar, especially the worrying part about the lows. I too can't stand the 15 minutes waiting time after the 15g carbs, it feels horrible and the thoughts of whether I'm hurting myself are devastating. Besides 15g are not always enough, for me for most of the time.

So what I do is take as much as I need at the moment to feel my sugars to start rising again (e.g. about 30-45g of carbs) and then after 1/2 hour - 40 minutes I bolus for the grams I took minus 15g (e.g. took 45g - bolus for 30g). It works for me. Sugars don't go high after a low. Although the bolus might be less or later depending on how low I was and how much time it took to recover. I don't know if my doctor would approve of such way of handling lows bur I just really can't stand the feeling.

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