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That team you you have got there is extraordinary and you do appreciate it! That's great! It is almost a one-of -a-kind team! You described VERY, VERY well exactly why I do not eat pizzas. At the bottom line, every time you go into a new pizza restaurant, where you cannot know what will go into that particular pizza, you are making a choice between the imminent good taste in your mouth and VERY feasible bad feeling in your body hours later. Now or then, which do I prioritate? Is what I put into my mouth really that important? Is it so wonderful that I choose it over that probable yucky feeling to come? All pizzas are different. It is very difficult to correctly assess a new one. But if you can suceed and are having a great time with your team along the way, I am all for it!

What a great entry! I too, have struggled with eating pizza, and I have put it on my no list. I've tried all sorts of different kinds of boluses, with some success and some failures. I quit trying because it felt like so much work for some cheese and crispy crust. BUT to have a team working on the process...I like that.
Please continue to log your team pizza information. I can't wait to hear how you guys figure it out! :-)

I'll be VERY INTERESTED in what you find out. I basically made the NO pizza decision some time ago. So I'd love to see what you come up with.

Interesting idea to eat a slice and just watch the results (is that without dosing for it?). And fine tune from there. Please let us know how that all works out.

What a great and freeing post! I think the t-shirts are a spectacular idea!

My daughter and I both respond well to 4 units per slice...with a combination bolus ~ 1/2 now, 1/2 over an hour. Our pump basals & bolus ratios are very different from each other...but for some reason this works for both of us when it comes to pizza. Of course, we did experiment for awhile before finding the right combo ~ and are shocked it works for both of us. Good luck and have fun!

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