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I agree! I was so disenchanted with the available medical bracelets that I also made my own. It felt better to have some control over the matter.


I recently remade it so the tag is even smaller.

Me too, I have always made my own bracelets. My first one my parents and I planned together. We went to a jewlers and picked out the chain and the placket and designed it. The jewlers made it. I have learned with experience. On the first one the medical alert sign's red paint wore off, and I lost it b/c the fastener wasn't strong enough. The one I have now is great because the placket it made of two pieces on top of each other. The red enameling is on the lower one, so if the enameling ever wears off it can be filled in again. The top piece is cut out in the shape of the alert sign. I wear it all the time. Just this morning I glanced at it again, for the trillionth time, and it made me happy to wear it.

Great way to channel your creative energy! I hear you re: the frustration with design. I just got a new cell phone yesterday, and it is cute, sleek, and a cool blue pearl color. It's one of the ones I could get "free" with my plan, so is not the latest greatest. But when I look at it beside my isulin pump, there is no comparison. From an aesthetic perspective, I'd much rather hang the cell phone from my waist. Let us know when your jewelry is available, and way to take charge where you can!

I spent hours on the internet until I finally found a simple leather band with a silver plate at Fiddle Dee's Jewlery - its simple and just what I want out of a bracelet; I hate those big chunky silver chains!

If you do design and market the bracelet, let me know. I wear very little jewelry, and have always found the medic-alert bracelets and necklaces so unappealing that I've never worn them. I just might if I found a cool one.

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