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Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't.

Thank you, Birdie, for acknowledging your feelings about blogging about diabetes and the lean--sometimes a gentle lean and sometimes a blatant push away from the reality of its presence. I, too, blog, and have started ading posts about my diabetes. Before, it was a blog about teaching in TW, my travels and experiences as a teacher and an ex-pat abroad, but I found that my diabetes was there, and a big part of my experience. It felt good to talk about it, write about it, admit it and honor that part of myself that I wish wasn't there, but is. Anyway, sorry to turn this into a comment about myself. Bleh...I just wanted to say I like reading your blog, and it has enhanced my life, knowing there is a great artist and writer out there, dealing with some of the same stuff I am, and who is able to blog about it, too, when she wants to. I like that notion. Thank you!

Wow - thanks Ada.

I too write when I can, and more importantly, when I feel like it.

Sometimes when I write I feel it helps me better understand, or maybe just cope, with the deep emotional aspects of this thing that I am not able to wrap my head around. It's a coping mechanism of sorts.

Excellent perspective.
I've been saying "no" to my blog for a long time now.

And, by the way, that picture is awesome. I really like it.

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