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I hear ya! We just moved and I've been low, low, low pretty much constantly except for the high the night before we left because I'd lost a set and hadn't bothered to put a new one in during the loading of the truck. I think I need a setting for "moving" on my pump, at least 25% less insulin across the board. Upheaval is always crazy time when it comes to managing change WITH diabetes. This too shall pass, it always does.

I can totally see how all that chaos around the house throws you off. I think it would for anybody.

Some scary situations indeed.

I went to pick up a client today but he wasn't there.One of his care givers said he was still in the hospital recovering from having his toes removed.The good news of course is that it wasn't his legs and with special shoes he will still be able to walk eventually. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF and don't forget your shots. Make YOU your number one concern, okay?

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