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So very good. I was up in the night with my daughter's D. Now my D needs attention. If it is not one of us it is the other. Your thoughts make me D-termined to find the D-light in these Days.

Very timely post. Had to cancel my run this morning due to a high induced by (a) a set that had been in 1 day too long and (b) dinner with friends at an Italian restaurant. Most days I can shrug it off, but today was not one of them, and it took me until about noon to stop being ticked off and get my BG down. Maybe because both of those factors were within my control. Tomorrow is indeed a new day though. Hope you had a great nap!

I felt the same way. Being sick of the tyrany of diabetes is sooo common. I have shared this with a great friend of mine and I will share it with you, there are so many options to live a great life. Try taking a look at what helped me.


Thanks again for a great post. I spent all vacatgion at Myrtle beach not leading with diabetes and I did pretty well. Then, I woke up wit h a sugar of 260 this morning and realized today is a day I lead with diabetes. I have the choice.

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