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Thanks for another thoughtful and lovely post. I always feel excited when I see a new post from you. I find you have a way with words, with thoughts and images that help me to express what I've been feeling, but haven't been able to say just right. Many times I just want to say "ditto."

So, "Ditto."

It's a balance--am I healthy or not? Am I revealing too little or too much to some? Do I want attention around my diabetes struggles or not? Do I want advice or support or do I want to be left alone? Some days, I just don't know.

as always, a thought provoking post. my daughter (dx 8, now 11) had a rough day yesterday, her site yanked out four times when the tubing caught on school books and door knobs. this rarely happens, so something must be going on karma-wise.

anyway, she wears her pump in a pooh bear cell phone case on her waistband. i suggested she slip the pump into her pocket and tuck the tubing in, too, to avoid more pulled sites.

her response: that would be like i was hiding something ...

i didn't get it, but after reading this, i think i am closer to understanding.


My sentiments exactly, Birdie!

Did you see this: http://www.diabetesmine.com/2007/10/gesundheit.html


I can understand exactly what you are writing, and it is nice to see others sharing what we all feel!

I'm often struck by how so many of us are feeling the exact same things (you really have a gift with putting those feelings into words).

It is a real testament to just how alone and isolated daily life with diabetes can be.

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