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A different design would be nice. But I am happy with what I have right now. I like the fact that people are beginning to stand up and take notice though! It's nice. :)

I remember reading this article about a month ago and was thinking the same things you were. Granted, I am not on the pump yet, but I know that once I am, I will feel the same way you do. Thanks for posting this. I thought about it but never got to it.

A short spell in hospital last year led me to similar conclusions about most of the equipment I saw, from beds and bed-side cabinets upwards. They work, in the sense that they do a task, but are almost without exception difficult to use, infantilise patients, alienate them from their care and carers and are appallingly difficult to clean and keep clean.

However, what exactly is the correct response for your question: Precisely how much do solar panel systems price? The concept of "cost" contains substantially much more than the cost of a couple of solar collectors.

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