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You are so right, Birdie. And, the holiday season has the potential to tap us out in a big way.
Last night was our office Christmas Party. I had had an exhausting week and knew that the buffet would offer many unwise food choices that I would probably indulge in. I also had a big day ahead of me today, with shopping and such.
When I told my manager that I was not coming, he became indignant and said, "Kathy, I'm going to let you off the hook on this one, but I want you to know how offended I am that you're not coming."
Sometimes it's hard to say no. But it felt good to wake up this morning with a high level of energy, ready to take on the day.

Smart thinking, that sounds like a great idea. What I'm looking for is the way to replenish my energy reserves overnight. When I have that...

That's an interesting picture, I can't figure out what it's of. But I like the patterns.

How very true. This is another area where I don't think people appreciate just how guarded we NEED to be regarding our reserves.

here, here!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

After nearly 20 years of this beast, I'm beginning to realize that, too.
What a gift to know it, and to be able to live from that place of knowing.

I love your posts, as usual, Birdie.

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