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I'm like you in that I don't like to broadcast the fact that I have diabetes. To me, it's a matter of - it's no one else's business. I grew up in family who felt it necessary to butt-in to everyone's business. I am the exact opposite. I try to respect other's privacy. I appreciate the same treatment from other people. So I don't wear my pump out in the open either.

But I did start making pump packs that slide onto my belt - it really just looks like some kind of cell phone holder - so no one has asked me about it. I just make sure it matches my outfit everyday. I don't know if other people know it's a pump in there or not. But no one has asked me about it. And I appreciate that.

On the other hand, I admire people like your friend who wears hers for the whole world to see. I don't think that would ever work for me as I am particularly clumbsy & would be bumping it into everything & damaging it. Or I would get it caught on furniture & ripping out my infusion site all the time.

It's nice that your friend is so comfortable to wear hers on her back pocket. She also must be very brave and/or graceful. :)

I had been using an insulin pump for almost a year before my co-workers knew......then another co-worker started using a pump, and everyone in the office knew right away as he clipped it to the view of the world, much like your friend. I was very proud of his acceptance, and it had only encouraged myself! Thanks for sharing this story......

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