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Birdie, would you please do a career change, become a CDE and set up shop in Minneapolis? Your ideas are fabulous.
I know that some dieticians try to help you build a mealplan around foods that the person specifically likes, but that's only one step.
We need to get something like this going full throttle!!

What a great idea! I like it.

Great post! I just started with a new endo, and I was ready to fight off yet another "diabetes protocol." I was a bit burned out from defending myself to healthcare professionals, and I was dreading my first visit. However, my new endo was great. I was tense, and ready to defend my management, so it took me a while to relax and realize that she wanted me in the driver's seat. She became a guide on a journey, not the expert in all things diabetes, including my life. So refreshing!

I think that would be a great way to approach things. I believe it would also help make the whole issue a bit less overwhelming.

Great idea.

Birdie- I really identify with your post. For the past four years I have wondered why everyone's diabetes should be managed the same way. I hate numbers and graphs in general so naturally I am not very well-equipped to manage my diabetes in the way doctors have told me. So I started looking for outside help. About a month ago I started a diabetes management program through www.fit4d.com. I have an exercise coach and a nutrition coach who designed a custom "wellness" plan for me and we exchange emails throughout the week seeing how I'm following up on it. So far it's really helped me get my life back under control, and the coaches are like my cheerleaders. Just thought I'd mention it, in case somebody else might benefit :)

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