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This is a great idea. Have you thought about a book proposal from this? (Lots of work.)

"How to manage your diabetes if you're a..."

Right on, Birdie- I have thought about this for a long time, as well, and totally concur. After reading all these diabetes blogs and seeing how differently people live (with and without diabetes), it just makes sense. I've learned a lot from people's ideas and while I revel in the possibilities, I know that, like you, I am not an Engineer, not a charts and graphs type person. I'm a creative, think big artistic person and also feel totally boxed in by the kind of tracking and chart-graph mentality. And I hate math! It's simply not for me. I'm also amazed at some of the comments people leave on blogs that are so judgmental and shaming when people don't do things the same way or have a different take on managing their lives and their diabetes. Why SHOULD it all be managed the same way? I hate numbers and graphs in general so naturally I am not very well-equipped to manage my diabetes in the way doctors have told me. So I started looking for outside help.

I like Bernard's idea of a book!

P.S. I do a Fitness Together program along with my regular diabetes team and it works wonders for me b/c it's totally tailored to me and me alone!

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