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This is exactly how I feel from time to time. Why? I don't know. But I hope you feel better tomorrow & these feelings don't come along for you as often. Blessngs to you.


I have type I diabetes 25 years ago. I come from Spain. Excuse me for my English.

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Thank you.
Sweet Blood

I just wanted to tell you that I love seeing all the wonderful artwork you post. You are amazing in that, even with your illness, you have the time and energy to do this and make people, like me, happy. I admire you.
thank you, jani

Oh that "place"~! You describe that cavern very well. It makes me wonder. Could anything be spoken there that would echo back comfort? You have inspired some thought.

Ok, Birdie - in your words, it took "a moment" to collect yourself.
Those little db landmines that explode right in front of us make me want to shove my fist through a window. BUt I don't.
They happen. We cry. We rage. Then we "collect" all of the sane, wise and insightful parts of ourselves and move on, leaving the junk behind.
You're a cool lady, Birdie. Sorry you had a bad patch.

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