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Absolutely. Prideful? Maybe - why shouldn't we take pride in the fact that we deal with something as vast and yet encompassing as db? I am proud of myself and of everyone else out there who navigates the rocky choppy db waters and remains afloat.
And, you are so right in saying that this can just "slip" into the "routine" category.
Be proud. Stay strong. Trust your inner wisdom to guide you to the right choices.

I guess what I find is that it's easy to loose sight of the courage it takes to do this disease well, and that the reflections back, your affirming words, the observations of others, all help me to remember and be proud again. I am grateful for that, and the sense that others are there when I need to be reminded of that.

One of you two (birdie or MN Nice) once used the phrase "everyday courage", and it resonated with me.

We really do exhibit a lot of courage, but it is so often unseen, much like our diabetes. We know it inside, but our minds so often undermine our own great accomplishments. Maybe because we can get to feeling so beat up over the little things.

Thank you.


I do love your posts. You've got a real skill in expressing what is buried in my heart. Thanks.

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