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What a wonderful question. I want a friend who like that, who thinks to ask such questions, whose mind works in that way.

It's an important question that is leading me to ponder what the antidote might me in my own life. And also, to realize it's okay to acknowledge the pain and discomfort diabetes brings often. It's not being a victim or a whiner--it's being real, and knowing the truth. I am often too hard on myself and count myself for less than I am. Thanks for the reminder. I want the antidote, too!

That's an interesting way to look at this. I'm going to have to give this some thought to figure out mine. Thanks for bringing this idea to light.

What a fabulous question!

I too felt calm and comfortable thinking of the things that you talked about (the hammock (minus the mosquitos), or floating in the water with gentle waves). It's nice - feeling that way.

My antidote: the joy of living. It is a lot more difficult than it sounds, but the very fact that I am making a conscious decision to manage my diabetes forces me to make the most of my life. It was a zen moment when I realized this a few weeks after my diagnosis. Hey, i'll have to voluntarily manage a bodily function that was being taken care for me automatically before. And the process of managing that function involves pain. But you know what? There's that time left over after BG checks, site changes, hypoglycemic episodes, and that's life, calling out loud in its varied hues, colors and sights. The antidote to diabetes? The time spent enjoying life after you take care of it. Don't let it bog you down. Live life. Don't give diabetes too much prominence. There are books to read, photographs to be taken, music to be enjoyed, food to be eaten, people to be met, and sunrises and sunsets to be enjoyed.

Hi!~! I have never visited this blog before.

I have been living with T1Diabetes through caring for my 7year old son for the past 5 1/2 years.

After the hysteria passed, and I realised that I wouldn't be going to teach or write or enjoy my youth as a 20 something, I soon turned to my piano. I can soothe myself with a dreamy sonata, or redden the tips of my fingers by playing some hateful, angry chordal music when things are worse than ever. I have even snapped a piano string over a 2 week hospital ordeal when my son had DKA. (These days, I am happy to say that the sonatas sing throughout my house!!)
Diabetes is still my biggest nightmare, but I have made a pact with it: I will comply to it's demands to my greatest capacity,as long as it doesn't spring any nasty surprises on me. It seems that I am keeping my end of the bargain more than it does however...

Anyway, I'll add you to my bloglist!

Peace and Jellybabies from Australia

Kate and Lance

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