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Wow! I hate when people do this. I think I would contact the restaurant & ask for an apology from the waitress & the manager. They should train their workers better than to butt-in to people's business like that. How rude! But that's totally up to you. Just my two cents worth.

Ugh. That's horrible. I can't even expand on my emotions on that one.

I have had similar reactions to such comments and I admit that what bothers me most after is my own reaction to it. I find myself justifying and feeling bad, frankly. I hate such comments, but they teach me to examine my response and figure out how to overcome that barrier to my own confidence in myself and my choices. I hate being judged and I know that I judge myself harsher than any out of line waitress.

I would be really matter of fact about things and just say, "That's old school diabetic thinking. On the pump, I bolus for what I eat, just as a pancreas does" and just leave it at that. Live and learn for the future.

Wow, Birdie, I know just what you mean. Somehow I am never ready for comments like that, and I always end up falling all over myself. Ugh!

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