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Our lives are so very medical. :(

I think it's interesting how different people react to the same thing. I had this happen to me once at a restaurant. I'm always glad to get into discussions about diabetes control with strangers. Considering how many are poorly controlled, I use any public encounter as a chance for education. Most diabetics have no idea that complications AREN'T inevitable, that taking insulin is a GOOD thing, not a punishment, and that the standard dosing usually prescribed by the vast majority of doctors is NOT the way to gain control -- but control CAN be achieved and A1Cs under 7 ARE doable. And I can tell them how, or refer them to places (online) where they can learn how to do this.

This has annoyed me for a long time.

Would it be SO HARD for them to give us a little color.

The new OneTouch tester is a small step in the right direction.

Color would be an improvement. I'll bet the makers would find this easier than actually spending $'s on better interfaces.

Sigh. It's a wonder that more of us aren't depressed having to dealing with this clinical looking crap every day of our lives.

it would be nice for some colorful products...couldnt agree more

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