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Keep calm, indeed. It's not a "happy" anniversary, but well done for hanging in there all this time :)

I do see my "anniversary" each year to be something to celebrate (I'm in April too!). I celebrate my perseverance, my continued dedication to myself, all that I've learned in the last year, and all that I have to look forward to.

It's almost like being proud to have made it through another year with diabetes. Each year I also feel that I have learned and grown and will be able to do the next year even better. That is something to celebrate!

I will say "Happy "Anniversary". Not because of your diagnoses, but because of the way that you've your life to the fullest since.
Diabetes or not, not everyone can make that claim!

Congrats Birdie.

And Yes, Keep Calm and Carry On.
It is the latter that makes the anniversaries special....
our ability to carry on while living with diabetes.

Congrats, Birdie. I love the sentiment -- as always!

- AmyT

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