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Yummy! So far 2-day I've had 1 of a yellow-e green square, 1 solid green square, and two red squares in the rainbow of foods checkerboard of life!

Yum that salad looks DELICIOUS! Yup, it's dinnertime. A visual chart makes for a great user-friendly supplement to the numbers. Thanks!

What a cute idea. I love color I buy the premium sets of German colored-pencils and use them until they're an inch long.
I also love food..............so, it seems like a great idea to pair them together.

I've never been a veggie person either. I have very few that I'll even attempt to eat. My husband won't eat any so that makes it even more difficult. But I do love fruits.

The rainbow thing is a great idea. Maybe I'll give it a try.

very cool idea. anything that makes me WANT to do something, even if it seems silly to some, is totally worth it. i have to find little tricks of the mind to get around some of this stuff.

LOVE THIS! Thanks, Birdie!

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