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That is a very nice brother! And you're so good to give him the opportunity to recognize your achievements.

He did a good job of 'listening' to that e-mail of yours.

Recognizing this day is so strange. Even with diabetes I never know whether to say congratulations. For what? Making it this far despite diabetes?

If you've any ideas, I'd love to know. I really appreciate your thinking and writing on this subject and on life with diabetes in general.

I've always thought that "Aiming for grace" is a perfect name for your blog. It seems to be you try to handle your diabetes in a graceful way AND suggest to others how it could be dealt with even more gracefully. I find your posts are always thought provoking for me.

Your story made me tear up. I think seeing your brother hear what's going on and lend support and recognition was very touching. Thank you for sharing this with us.

May your next year of living with diabetes
Be a warm calm still ocean
May you only encounter a few brief storms
May you grow in strength and wisdom
So your encounter with those storms
Is brief and your recovery
Is swift leaving you better able
To deal handle the future.

What an incredible story, Birdie. And, what a guy that brother is.

My brother is only 18 so I don't think he's quite that observant, but hopefully someday he'll be like your brother and be thoughtful. What a really nice surprise!

Wonderfully put Birdie.

Thank you again for your perspective.
I have struggled with this myself, "approaching" my family about the simple but important "strides" in living with diabetes.

You inspire me with your posts every time.
Thank you and way to go!

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