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Oh, Birdie. I am so proud of you, and so glad your brother responded in such a lovely way. I am crying right now as I read this, imagining your surprise and happiness at having the struggle of living every moment with t1 acknowledged and applauded.

I am so happy. Thanks for posting this.

I had the same reaction as Amylia. What a touching post!! Thank you so much for sharing.

What a great and supportive thing to do.

I think it is very hard for those outside "the club" to appreciate all that it takes to keep going, and to receive that beautiful display of appreciation and pride from your brother is really touching.

I also like Bernard's poem too!

All the best!

Thank you all so much. Your kind words simply warm my heart!

And a special thank you to Bernard for his lovely poem. Not surprisingly, I misted up when I read it. I feel so very lucky to receive such a kind gift! Thank you!

So touching and thoughtful -- the actions of that brother of yours! I cried and still feel a sense of happiness at the thought of you seeing the bouquet for the first time. Most of what I tell people about my diabetes is that it is "chronic" and "I'm just use to it by now (15 years)". For the most part that is true but I feel different than others, worry when I take walks by myself, worry that the horrible lows will creep in at the worst possible moment. Thanks for the reminder to tell people what you need -- absolutely -- they cannot read our minds!

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