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I must say I can read the weariness. I really can. I very much understand the up then down and back again. I just got over a two week stint with serious lows.
After my own then my Endo's basal adjustment I am back up, higher than I would like but happy as a clam to not be low.

We have those moments, too often or not enough I am not sure on this yet, where we realize what would be best for us: remember the good, the successes, the feeling good, the being in control. We are so aware of this. Too aware? Still under review....

Glad you are feeling better. Darn sites and scar tissue...wish I could say it is that each time but I know you are aware of the variables, the check list we go through: is it this or that, could it be, was it?

It only takes a moment of wrong to wipe away the right as if it never existed. It is hard to stay in the good.

Only my best to you.

I also think there are some very real chemical reactions that take place in our brains when we are experiencing "out of normal range" blood sugars...

What's scary to me is how easy it is to let it all spiral down the toilet. One thing contributing to the next then to the next, etc. Next thing you know you're in a bad spot and it's that much harder to pull up.

Bravo to you for fighting through it.

You have an amazingly great attitude; what a wonderful inspiration you are.

I'm glad you're feeling better! :) I was going through the same thing, and I changed my site too, with a new bottle of insulin, and my blood sugars seemed to be in better control after that. :)

Great post, :)
Hope you're having a great week! :)


I understand that weariness, too. I'm glad it usually doesn't stick around for long & that you're feeling better.

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