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The thing about diabetes is it's all process, and process with no end, no completion, no resolution. And yet, it requires steady energy and attention, like composing does, or painting, or writing.

Living with diabetes is like being an unrecognized, working artist.

Yes, that weariness is "right under the surface," always, and it's something that's hard to explain to someone who does not live with chronic illness.

Your work on this blog, often dealing with fraught feelings, is nevertheless affirming.

What a wonderful insight. I had not thought of diabetes as an art process before! And the result, the piece of art if you will, is a healthy life well lived. That metaphor helps me a lot. Thank you for that!

And thank you too to all the kind understanding and encouragement from everyone else. Where diabetes can leave me weary, the support of your voices and kind wishes are energy giving. There is a good balance in that, of which I am very grateful!

I am glad to hear I am not the only one who goes great for 2 or 4 months and then out of nowhere, everything goes south with the bloodsugars. One thing that I have found helpful is that if I am getting to the last 25 or 30% of my remaining insulin in my pump and I am having unexplained highs, I will change the site. It seems to work 30-40% of the time. Keep Going....Peace, Bob

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