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I'd noticed this too! I suspect we all do it - and not just with diabetes, probably in all aspects of our lives.

It would be good for us all to see the positives for a change!

Well said Birdie.

What a moment for you!! I was smiling and cheering.

Getting it right is about perspective. Kudos to your wonderful post, beautifully written.

I truly believe we need to take the "rightness" and "wrongness" of the numbers out of the equation. Even if there are more "rights" than "wrongs" that is a judgment that hangs over us. If there were no wrongs there would be no rights.
I would replace it with "doing the best one can." In any given reading,dose and meal. In any given moment, in any given result, any given hypo or hyper episodes and finally even in any given lifetime.
When the mind must replicate the dsyfunction of an autonomic organ; allowances must be made.

Great post Birdie.

I too am way too hard on myself too much of the time.

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