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Thanks for the great post! And kudos for finding pleasure while still maintaining your control...it's kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? I find that every small battle that I win for happiness makes searching for happiness easier. It's like a gentle reworking of brain neurons.
ps thanks for the ps...I totally missed the photo! my brain is hardwired to see some beautiful pic when I get to your site :)

I got a lot out of this post Birdie. I think we all need to spend more time/energy pursuing the pleasures in our lives. Most often they are small and simple things, and really don't take much.

I also think that by feeding the soul we are rewarded ten-fold. Again, that most often comes in small packages that we just failed to notice before.

Thank you for helping us tune into ourselves a little bit more.

(like Gayle said - I missed the photo too! I'm so glad you explained what and why! I would have worried otherwise... :-) )

Here's to more joy Birdie.
Thank you again for such an insightful post.
Like Scott I wondered about the "missing" photo.
It actually added more depth to your post without it, probably because we were expecting it.

Travel safe and thank you again.

Very nice, Birdie. Carpe dium!!1
Go after all of those bits of joy and comfort that are out there.
This reminds me of when I used to go into the woods with my granny to pick blackberries - so tiny they were the size of a pea. Yet, they all added up to a bowlful.
Those little moments of pleasure that we recognize and the little acts of kindness-to-self that we perform all add up to a might nice big picture.

Beautiful post as always, Birdie. No worries about the image. I love your words!

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