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Very nice, Birdie. To have the db path lead us to paying more attention to "life itself" is precious. A beautiful concept.

Of course, another opportunity diabetes presents is the opportunity for you to blog about it. You do it in such a graceful way (no pun intended) that it's a delight to read about it.

For myself, a well controlled 10-year type 1, it has given me the opportunity to share with other diabetics how NOT to get diabetic-related complications. As someone who works as a medical transcriptionist for a major hospital system in my medium-sized Pacific Northwest city, I have plenty of opportunity to see evidence of what happens when diabetics are given poor advice -- i.e. just follow the ADA directives -- or not enough direction from their doctor, i.e. just take this pill every day. Oh, and don't test too much -- that's compulsive. BAD advice, IMHO.

So I'm very active on several diabetes lists. It's an opportunity, for sure. I'm trying to save diabetics from diabetic complications, one at a time.

I'm new to your blog and clicked the "aiming for grace" on the front page, and just had to comment. I love this post.

I don't have diabetes-- instead i have a disorder called HHT that requires my tending, as you so eloquently put it. I avoid some stuff, or do extra stuff to make sure my life doesn't become ABOUT the disorder, instead of simply living with it. Having it teaches me, as well as tires me, and I really echo your feelings here. So cheers for the post!

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