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Birdie, I think that many (all?) of us long-timers have that low grade worry (I love how you put that). It comes with the package of our D, and I wouldn't worry about worrying. :-)

Excellent term, "appropriate vigilance".
Yeah, I come from a family of worriers too. My G'ma used to head for the cellar everytime the sky clouded over, thinking that a tornado was making a beeline for her house.
My dad would be standing out in the street, looking for my car, if I was 5 minutes late coming home (before the days of cell phones). In some respects I think that worry is a learned behavior, and that it is quite possible there may be a genetic link.
In my 20's and 30's I was so paralyzed by the fear of complications (after seeing many of my relatives stricken) that I was 100% disengaged from life. In retrospect I think that I made some really stupid (or may I say "dumb-assed") life-navigating decisions because I was smothered by fear. I had panic attacks and heart pounding bodily symptoms. I felt disaster was around every corner.
I think I sort of outgrew it, though. Maybe it was my dramatic bout with retinopathy, in which I came out with my wholeness (and vision) intact that took the edge off, leaving me with more confidence that I could cope with what the future hands me.
My dream is to find a good doctor that I can put all of my trust in. So far that hasn't hapeed. The fact that we have to be our own advocated 24/7 makes me anxious - "what if he misses something; what test did he forget to order; what if he just doesn't care?" blah blah blah.
I am going out tonight after supper and take some spring pictures. I am free to point my camera wherever I please - will I choose the patch of mud and dead grass, or the flowering dogwood across the street? I know, Birdie, that you focus on the beauty around you. I wish you better days ahead.

Yet another Great post Birdie. Love the way you use phrases and terms. You write so beautifully. Even when it has to do with low grade worrying.

Being a "pre-existing chronic liability" (my new fun term for PWDs - no offense to anyone! I use it in my "twisted humor" moments when I am frustrated with my lack of health insurance) we almost have to worry. But I am slowly training myself to be aware. I went from panic to worry to cautious to aware. It was a slooow progression and I am still working on it. I am sure I will be until my time is up.

It does not help that doctors, scientists, researchers (argh, the general public) are not fully educated. Unless someone has Diabetes they have no clue what it is like, the toll it takes, the every day management, the No vacation. There is still so much they do not know. My Endo told me he has no clue why some things work for me and not others and vice versa. (Minnesota Nic, if you can find a doc that can be that honest and frank, stick with 'em! It took me 5 years to develop the relationship I currently have with my Endo. It was a long journey but worth it.)

So I guess, here's to being a Diabetic Worrier. But these days I prefer Diabetic Warrior. ;-)

I have heard that worry is interest paid on non-existent debt.
Hakunnah Mattata
No worries....Keep Going....Peace Bob

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