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What a scary incident, and I'm so glad to hear that you are alright.

Not that I know from experience (I don't), but I think it pretty normal to be mentally shaken up for a while after something like that.

Tying it back into diabetes only makes sense. I think the accident helped clarify the little ways diabetes chips away at us (physically and mentally), versus a split second car accident like that. It brings it into focus and draws attention to it.

I also felt some sadness in the fact that you had to spend precious vacation time resting and recovering from the accident rather than vacationing.

Oh wow! I'm so glad you're okay. Take care of yourself!

i'm very glad you're okay.

when fatigue started to become so much a part of my life, i fought it at first, and sometimes still do, but mostly now i just listen to it, and "trade" it for a nap, a book, a quiet pause. and the more i do, the less it feels like the fatigue is taking the day away from me and more like it points me towards a truer north. in this way a smaller life feels full and not meagre, because it offers what i love most. i think you're right, it is about choosing what you want to attend to, finding which balance makes you feel the most complete.


Excellent post. birdie.

it's funny--with all my travels and adventures i was just telling a friend of mine who proclaimed "traveling is the best thing in the world" that i feel like being home feels pretty darn good to me now and my desire to travel far and wide is less pressing than before.

life is a series of trade-offs and with diabetes, i often chose to neglect myself in pursuit of the higher goal of adventure and not feeling "tied down" by disease, but i see now how that is shifting.

i like the idea of being healthy and around for a long time to come. and the end of your post really hits home,

"what am I willing to trade off? What A1c level am I most comfortable with in the end, regardless of what anyone else thinks? What things don't I care to do anymore and am willing to stop worrying about? What things do I still want to do and as such, become a priority to build my diabetes around?"

Excellent questions to ponder. I'd be curious to know your responses. Perhaps I'll share mine in an upcoming DD post, as well.

I am so glad you are alright.
I enjoy reading your blog so much. Your words make me happy and sad. You make me feel normal. You truely are a blessing.

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