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"Normal" is a fallacy.

I totally relate, even though I know that there is no such thing as "normal," yet we all, at times, long to feel whatever it is we associate with being normal. I think for me it's a sense of not having to worry about my bloodsugar all the time--not having to think ahead so much about everything and not having the looming fear of possible complications to my life and body.

I could deal with the rest of it just fine, I think.

What a simple but seemingly impossible thing to wish for--stable bloodsugar in range. Wish I could just stay at 88mg/dl or 100 mg/dl forevermore....I know not even non-diabetics have that, but I wish for it!!! :)

Normal? Our normal is different than others, and each of us has a different norm than someone else. But at the oddest of moments,& even after all this time... there are moments when I long for the standard definition of the word.

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