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This was awesome - thank you for writing about this!

Great post Birdie.

My wife is a "fixer" - she wants to DO something to FIX a problem I might be dealing with. It is such a frustrating thing with diabetes because it just doesn't work like that.

As you say, I can see her struggle with it too. Her struggles are just as valid as mine, and it is interesting to see it from her point of view.

OMG, what a moving post, Birdie. You once again hit it so precisely!

And Scott: I thought it was the men who were the "fixers." So often all I want is a little empathy, but he feels compelled to "fix it." Or he's super frustrated that he can't. But I know that. I just want someone to say, "it sucks, doesn't it?" and give me a hug.

This is a fantastic post that really speaks to me. I get migraines very easily and my boyfriend and I have had to deal with it in similar ways. We've gone through similar feelings that you talk about--guilt on his part for being able to experience more than I do, whether it's staying out all night with friends or something as simple as drinking a coffee, resentment on my part because of the same, guilt on my part for the resentment, and a whole mess of emotions that just tangle together if you aren't careful.

all things do need a big struggle..!
since diabetes attacking my life becomes unpleasant, but after a while my life became better again because my wife always gives motivation to live and pay more attention

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