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What a lovely post, visually and otherwise :) I totally relate. And sometimes I think people so 'up' on travel never truly *see* a place, y'know? There's more than one way to go somewhere.

.......acres of diamonds in your own back yard......

I had never seen so many parallels between migraine and diabetes until now. I've also had to see my limitations and have learned the hard way, by going past them. I can meet my friends at a bar, have two drinks, go home at midnight and be fine. Even if I'm feeling fine and well, if I have more drinks than that or stay up later then most likely I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night feeling horrible, and who knows how long it will last.

I've also altered my thinking and now try to see creative things I can do within these new limitations. At first I was very upset and sometimes angry that I couldn't do what I want, whether staying out drinking with friends or eating chocolate or going to loud concerts. But now my life has changed, and I'm grateful. I'm more involved in my community and have joined groups that require me to be somewhere early on weekends--something I never would've considered with my previous lifestyle.

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