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You know what? I think like that too!!!! :-)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

I totally relate. But then I think of the woman I met in Myrtle Beach who sported her insulin pump so we got chatting and I found out she's had t1 for 30 years and the reason she had no hair was because she was going through chemo due to her cancer. She gets colds, too. I try to remember her when my child mind goes there like it often does! Still, it's good to acknowledge how we're feeling without judging it (our ourselves) any harsher than we'd judge our little nieces and nephews when they are whiny from having a cold.

I'm very healthy, always have been. But when I was diagnosed with LADA at age 60, 10 years ago, the thought popped into my head, "oh, goody, now that I have my disease, I won't get another." Silly me! Good example of magical thinking.

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