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You are so very right. I think that sometime it would be awesome to see a news story about someone who has dealt with diabetes for a very long time, and to focus on how damn hard it is sometimes, both physically and psychologically.

What's newsworthy about that though?

Wow. I completely agree. All the daily hassles of diabetes, I am 'used' to. While I have only been diabetic for 6 of my 27 years, it has become increasingly difficult to remember life before it.

Being diabetic though is something I don't think I will EVER get used to.

I couldn't agree more. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes close to a year ago, and have been making art about it for the last 3 months. I met with a new endocrinologist about getting onto my first pump recently, which made me realize that while I've been getting increasingly familiar with this disease (and more comfortable as well due to the cathartic nature of making art about it)- I'm still on occasion struck by some new facet that can completely throw that guise of familiarity or normalcy out the window in a moment.

I also want to say that finding your blog has been an immeasurable help in feeling connected and 'normal' over the past year. I am constantly inspired and comforted by your postings. Thank you!

I am also a type-1 diabetic and I love your blog.

I personally spent a lot of time worrying that there is not much out there that takes a holistic approach to the cellular damage caused by Diabetes. The best natural product I found was designed by a Harvard/Stanford PhD whose daughter has Type 1. It's called Insul Opt and is designed to help stabilize the ups and downs and also boost cellular health.

I started taking it and loved it, so they asked me to spread the word--but I don't want this to come off as a sales pitch.

If you want to try it out with a free trial, let me know: mandyv@insul-opt.com. Thanks and best of health!

As usual you have nailed it, Birdie. How can being "broken" like this be normal? I mean, it is for me now, and yet it never will be...

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