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That was a very insightful post, Ada. It's good to have your articulate input.

As for me, yes, I AM used to diabetes. But my type 1 LADA didn't begin till I was 60. Although it was a total shock to me -- there were no symptoms and no family history -- after 11 years with it, I've become quite used to it, yes. It's become routine for me to check my BG 8 to 10 times daily. It's become routine to check before eating and decide how much insulin to take (I don't have a pump) and when I eat out, to guess at the dose that's going to cover the meal. It's become routine to check 2 hours later to make sure I got it right -- and make correction if I didn't. It's become routine to all my friends, too, and they've adjusted very nicely, thank goodness.

In my mind, dealing with diabetes is a nuisance more than anything else. I guess I'm just lucky.

I'm pleased that I've avoided any complications and that makes all the testing worthwhile. I plan to continue testing a lot because my plan and hope is to reach the end of my life with all parts working. So far, so good. My (nondiabetic) mother lived to 99 and I think I have her genes. I hope so.

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