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These are just right! Beautiful and inspiring and just what I needed after this struggle with depression I've been having lately. I finally feel the veil lifting, but this lovely post is just what I needed tonight. ((thank you))

What an awesome concept!!

Thanks for this post. It really lifted me out of my funk. I'm so homesick this week and still unable to set a date to go home. I've been staying at my Mom's since just before New Year's helping my younger sister during Mom's hip surgery and mild stroke recovery.

Mom and I are both visually impaired so at times I feel the burdens I add on the family outweigh the benefits of having me here. For example: I smacked my shins on the dishwasher door the third day and ended up in ER a week later with an infected leg and had to go on antibiotics and keep my foot elevated above heart level for a week.

I still do some kitchen chores but after the second time I kicked the dishwasher door my sister got her gardening kneepads and had me wear them on my shins whenever I'm on KP.

I committed to stay until Mom is walking sturdy without the walker and thus able to be left home alone for short periods while my sister runs errands.

And of course, once I do leave here, I'll still be homesick. For here.

BTW I found my way here looking for pictures of sweet peas. My sister wants me to embroider a sweet pea vine on one of Mom's sweaters to cover some faded spots she caused while removing a stain. I can't use the picture from your farmer's market visit except to remind myself of the color schemes but it was gloriously beautiful.

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