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It is such a hard thing to find isn't it? That balance between satisfactory diabetes management (when are we ever really satisfied, and when does the balancing work really ever end?) and living and enjoying our life.

I certainly hear you...I too suffer from chronic illness, both mental and physical, and sometimes it's a fine line we tread between wellness and tranquility and hell.... so often, we do it alone because, in the end, we are...unless we reach out as you are doing here and elsewhere in your life(I have been reading)...

I appreciate your struggle and wanted to tell you...and I love your blog...it's a little valentine the stars aligned just right to have fall into my lap this morning! so thank you for creating it, being honest to your path and having the guts to talk about it! I know it's not easy...

Thanks for your kind responses. They couldn't have come at a better time. I've been seriously considering taking a break from blogging about diabetes lately and your comments have helped me to pause. I find I have less to say, or at least less to say that is new or particularly positive about the subject and I really don't want to just end up crabbing all the time about how hard this is. I believe that ideally all this struggle can add up to something positive and you're kind comments remind me that even when I'm not necessarily the sunny well of positiveness, positive things can come from sharing. Truth, transparency and openness, even when it's negative or sad or hard, can bring positiveness and light. Thank you so much for reminding me of that fact!

Yes, Birdie, another timely, beautifully rendered post. I have been silent on the Diabetes front lately because of what you just said--wanting to share but wondering what I have to say or if it's useful to just 'crab' about it. I find when I do write from a darker place, it gets the most responses. I guess we all want to feel we're not alone in these places, and it helps to know such a beautiful, well-spoken, creative soul such as yourself goes through this stuff, too.

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