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i was reading about Sonia in the ny times recently, and was also surprised and delighted to see how accepting and supportive the coverage of her diabetes was! maybe things really are finally changing ...

Yes, Birdie, we are ALL remarkable because we live with db.Hope your summer is off to a great start, my dear.

Funny, I wrote almost the same thing on my blog, in relation to Sotomayor that we are "more" not "less" for having and managing diabetes, along with our every day lives. It's in my blog story, "Should diabetes be a factor in hiring? Absolutely. http://www.diabetesstories.com/stories_blog/should_diabetes_be_a_factor.html

You and I are twinning, riva

I hope you are well--in fact, better than well, superb! Unreasonable to expect, sure, but I do wish reading about your thoughts on life. Post more soon!

Correction: "but I do wish you would post more because I love reading about your thoughts on life. Post more!" :]

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