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Hey Birdie - good to know you're doing okay.
Happy New Year to a very special lady.

the words says a lot courage is what needed ...A good piece of information on medical jewelry a bracelets or necklaces. The details of your condition (or a common, easily-recognizable symbol) are engraved, along with your name and any other medical information of the patient.


It's inspiring to see people like you who are courageously facing the challenges of being a diabetic. From the limitations on the daily diet to the choice of footwear, it takes sacrifice and bravery to withstand all the challenges. Wish you good health and hope you can inspire more people, especially those who are also diabetic, to live happy, fulfilled lives.

In addition to Alex Smith's comment about medical jewelry, I also rely on that fact that my diabetic mother has a medic alert bracelet. The bracelet brings her help 24/7 when I can't be there. We learned the hard way,when he blood sugar dropped so low she couldn't speak. With this, all she has to do is push a button and someone will be sent to her home.

To go with my comment above, I recommend Alert1 their website is here: www.alert-1.com

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